Silent Stoic Bird

In a world of color, motion, and song,
Each heart has a story, a journey that seems so long.
There’s the glimmer of dreams, and the shadow of fear,
But there is still one constant, so steadfast, so clear.

The silent stoic bird inside every human soul,
Facing storms with courage, its and individual and singular goal.
It teaches us strength, when the world seems so vast,
Reminding us that hardships will also pass.

Imagine a ship battered by tremendous waves,
The crew is losing hope, their spirits are in graves.
But deep in the hull of the abyss, a small bird remains,
Singing through the tempests, ignoring human pains.

This marvelous bird is in you, and in me as well,
A symbol of hope and faith, and every individual has a story to tell.
When challenges arise, when night seems unending,
That chirping bird’s song keeps our spirits up and ascending.

It tells stories of brave warriors facing mighty foes,
Of artists and poets whose genius flows.
A farmer whose hands bring life from the soil,
All have that brave bird singing the songs of their toil.

Its message is clear, if we just listen, its purpose is so grand,
To push us to strive, to truly understand.
That within every challenge, and within every trial,
Lies opportunity, to reflect, to grow and compile.

The wisdom, strength, and resilience we gain,
In the face of life’s storms, embracing the pain.
So when you feel lost, or the world seems askew,
Listen close, for that bird sings just to you.

Embrace its tune, let it guide you the way,
Through the darkest of nights, and into the day.
For the delicate stoic bird inside every soul,
It is the beacon of hope, and faith that makes us whole.

-Jay Pacheco
September 07, 2023

The 10% Gratitude Poem

Amidst the wide expanse of the day’s embrace,
Among its threads, a special space,
Reserved for moments, at least ten percent,
To you, with love, they’re always sent.

Each dawn and sunrise cast a golden hue,
I whisper thanks for wonderful dreams anew.
In every chirp and songbird’s trill,
My gratitude for you does spill.

When the day’s busy hum unfolds,
And countless stories life beholds,
Of every ten tales I construe,
One, dear heart, is for you.

Through challenges, when shadows fall,
It is your strength that makes me stand tall.
For every trial, and every bend,
To you, I bow and my thanks I send.

As twilight paints the skies in tint,
Of purples, golds, and rosy glint,
Ten percent of stars, so bright,
Glowing with thanks, into the infinite night.

In the silent pause, ‘fore dreams commence,
In quiet moments of recompense,
Of all my heartbeats, rhythmic and true,
One in ten beats just for you.

For life’s vast treasures, big and small,
To you, I owe every portion of all.
Through the days and nights, come what may,
Ten percent gratitude is the minimum, to you, I pay.

~ Jay Pacheco
September 21, 2023

Pleasant Distance

Allow time and I to send pleasant and peaceful thoughts to you.
Let the wind blow my concerns away and fill them with sweetness,
Allow the wind to whisper love to you.
And let me bless you from afar.
With faith and distance,
I wish you a lifetime of happiness every day!

~ Jay Pacheco
September 03, 2023


My ears twitch as Death whispers to me in this cold world. Live, suddenly appeared and declares, I’m with you this very moment and I’ll continue to be with you until eternity…

Jay Pacheco
August 26, 2023